While living in San Francisco, Audrey moved to Italy to study journalism.  In addition to returning with a writing portfolio, she also brought back with her an immense desire to learn the art of pizza making.  Having graduated from culinary school, she realized that learning and perfecting the dough was what she was meant to do. which is when she met and began working for her mentor, Tony Gemignani, one of the best pizzaiolos in the world.  After working for Tony for a few years in San Francisco and then moving to New York City to help him and his partners open two pizzerias, she decided it was time to get back to her roots and bring authentic New York Style Pizza to Boulder.  Her and her brother/business partner Peter, searched for the perfect spot for their pizza shop and finally found it.  Believing that balance and quality are the keys to perfection, the Pizza Garage uses only the best ingredients.  Audrey uses a mother dough and three day aging process that makes the pizza Crust irresistible.  Using organic greens and vegetables whenever possible, the salads make a perfect complement to the pizza.

Locally Owned and Operated