About Us


Hello! I'm Audrey.

I was born and raised as a Colorado girl on a healthy diet of bagels and pizza.  Everyone always asks when I first fell in love with pizza, and I can honestly tell you that it happened twice. The first time was as a kid — my mom used to make her famous sesame crust pizza, covering the kitchen with a fine layer of flour and filling pans upon pans with the crunchy crust. The second time was when I went to Italy to study Journalism. Instead of coming back to work for a newspaper, I started my quest to make the perfect pizza. I was living in San Francisco at the time and went to every pizza place I could to try and improve my dough recipe. However, It wasn’t until I met and worked under my mentor, Tony Gemignani, that I truly understood the craft. After working for and learning from him for five years I knew that ultimately I wanted to have my own place. It took a few years after moving back to Boulder to find the perfect little spot to sling my pies.   


There are two sides to every business, and while I love creating new recipes and ideas, my brother, Peter, is the savvy business part of the restaurant. Without him, the Pizza Garage wouldn’t be around. He’s also there to help around the shop whenever we need him. We are a family-run business, the result being that there are a few quirks, but the restaurant and food is packed with so much love.  

Here at the Garage we are always playing around with new recipes and ideas, bringing our customers the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We use organic greens and veggies, as well as make all of our recipes from scratch in-house. We are constantly evolving our recipes and techniques to serve the best products. 



Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives


In 2017, the Pizza Garage had the pleasure of being featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. We had the opportunity to share our story with Guy Fieri as well as give him an unforgettable meal. It was our locally-owned and operated status that first caught Guy's attention before he even pulled up to our shop in his red Camaro, though it was our pies that ultimately satisfied his quest to find the most delicious comfort cooking around the country. However, our pizza was only the co-star of the show — our meatball grinder enjoyed its own fame and even occupies a space on the Food Network's website. Guy found a slice of comfort in the Garage, and we know that you will, too.